Thing to Take in Consideration While Owning a Vacant Home

Do you own unoccupied property? Have you been flirting with the idea of selling property or are you interested in holding on to it? This is a big decision that looms over the head of millions of Americans that own unoccupied property.


It’s important to point out that owning unoccupied property is a major responsibility. They are prone to being damaged, broken into, or vandalized. Keeping these things in mind will help you become a responsible owner of unoccupied property. Let’s take a quick look at a few points you should look at if you own unoccupied property.

Communicate With Your Neighbors

You should communicate with your neighbors when you have an unoccupied home on your hands. Neighbors are your best weapon against burglars. Neighbors will watch your property and report suspicious activity to the police. The homeowners association is another weapon at your disposal. Homeowners associations are well-known for taking measures that protect homes from would be intruders. Having a dialogue with your neighbors and the homeowners association will pay big dividends when it comes to safeguarding your property.

Mow the Lawn Regularly

Mowing the lawn regularly will keep the home maintained. It will also give the appearance that someone is living in the home. You should mow the lawn once a week during the warmer months of the year. The grass goes into a dormant state during the winter months. This will help you save significant money. Pay a professional landscaper in your area to mow your lawn if you’re not interested in doing it.

Keep the Utilities On

Keeping the utilities on in an unoccupied home is very important. You will be able to control the temperature of the property so that the pipes will not freeze during those harsh winter months. Purchase lights with timers. Lights with timers will only come on if someone triggers the sensor. Lights with timers can cut your monthly utility bill tremendously. You can buy these special lights at any home improvement store in your city or town.

Get a Vacant Insurance Policy

Make certain you get a vacant insurance policy for your unoccupied property. This will protect you from any liabilities or losses.

Secure Your Property

You should also secure your property. An inexpensive alarm system will do a great job of protecting your property from intruders. You can purchase an inexpensive alarms system that can be monitored with your cell phone. These types of systems also come with window stickers and signs. Burglars normally avoid properties protected by alarm systems. They don’t want to deal with the trouble of triggering an alarm.

Try to Make it Seem Like Someone is Occupying the Home

You should make an earnest effort to make it seem like someone is living in the home. Leave a sofa and a few lamps in your place. Install inexpensive curtains or blinds in the windows. Taking this extra step can lower the chances of someone breaking into your home.

Have a Friend to Check on Your Home

You should seriously consider having a friend to check on your home periodically. This simple measure will help you have a peace of mind. Your friend can ride by your unoccupied property at least one time per week. It would also be a good idea to give your friend a key to your place. This will give your friend a chance to inspect the inside of your home.

Managing an unoccupied property offers many challenges that cannot be ignored. Following the tips above can help you do an exceptional job of managing or owning unoccupied property. If you follow at least two of these tips, you will be ahead of the game.

Are you interested in selling your unoccupied property for quick cash? You should turn to a professional home buying company. The professional home buying company will buy your home in cash and close within several days. This is one solid way of avoiding the hassle of owning unoccupied property.


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